What is the GoldenLink.Club?

The GoldenLink.Club was born out of the frustration that every social media site often only allows one URL weblink to be added to your profile...

So which URL should you use if you have more than one social media account?...

Out of this the GoldenLink.Club was born.

The GoldenLink.Club lets you claim one GoldenLink that you can add to your bio link URL which links back to your GoldenLink allowing your users the ability to see all your media links on one easy clean page...

Easy to use, simply

  1. Register for a GoldenLink
  2. Activate your account by clicking on the email sent to your inbox
  3. Login back to your GoldenLink dashboard
  4. Click 'Edit Profile'
  5. Add your Details and Preview your page
    • Upload an avatar or brand logo
    • Add your Website, Blog, Store URL (Known as your Main Link)
      • Always put the full URL including http:// or https://
    • Short description
      • TIP: Your short description gets used in the search engine submission
    • Add any Occupations, Knowledge or Skills
      • TIP: These get used in the search engine submission
    • Choose a Template & background colour to best show off your brand
    • Add all your social media links
      • Under each field is a sample of what to enter and how to find your userID or media name

Copy your GoldenLink and visit each of your social media accounts and update your bio links using your GoldenLink.

GoldenLink users can visit their own personal dashboard at any time and change details or view statistics, how many views of your profile, how many social clicks out and which links your users clicked as well as change any edit any settings.